Painting by Disillusionment

I’m not a great artist.img_0471

I am though, fascinated by great artists. I’m amazed by an artists ability to transform a canvas into a work of beauty, especially the ones who can see the finished result even before one stroke of the brush.

I am a paint by numbers artist.

In kindergarten, we painted pictures by coloring within the lines of a numbered shape. The numbers corresponded with colors. The shapes completed sections of a beautiful picture. I was good at that. There was no guess work – very little creative/prophetic canvass artistry. It was very clear what the picture was supposed to be – I just gave it life with color.

The problem for me came when I was given a blank sheet of paper or canvass and told to be creative. The real creativity was trying to decipher the extreme abstractness of the blob of dark colors I would splat down.

I don’t know why. I guess I just don’t have a lot of foresight or vision when it comes to creating a work of beauty from nothing.

Sin paints an ugly picture.

Psalm 7:14 – He who is pregnant with evil and conceives trouble gives birth to disillusionment.

When we hold un-forgiveness, grudges, bitterness, anger, vengeance, or anything like this in our hearts and lives, it hinders our ability to see the beautiful picture that God would have us paint.

Sin has a way of clouding our vision, of marring our outlook, and distorting the reality of the life that God would have us live. It paints an ugly picture.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a paint by numbers person (daily walk of faith) or blank canvass person (seeing the vision God has for your life) – the picture will be blurred with disillusionment, if we don’t separate ourselves from sin and trouble.

God is a beautiful creative artist.

He is the creator of heaven and earth. The canvass was literally blank – He created something out of nothing. He saw it all before one stroke of the brush.

And that same creative God, created us to be creative to reflect His own display of beauty.

You be the blank canvass. Don’t start with things which distort and skew what God would have you paint. Get rid of bitterness and anger. Wipe clean trouble and sin.

Don’t paint with disillusionment.



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