You want the best. I mean, who doesn’t? You want love and happiness. You want to know that people accept you for who you are.

That sounds like the dream we all search for. That sounds like what I have, on some level, been seeking my whole life.

But, it’s not everything!

Jesus turns that, everything, upside down.

Being in a relationship with Jesus, following Jesus, isn’t exactly about having all of the crooked, fuzzy lines of our lives made straight and even. Being a person of faith, trusting in Christ doesn’t mean that we’re guaranteed success and prosperity. It doesn’t mean that we aren’t, either. But what it means is not putting all of our goals, dreams, values, identity, and truth in the system of the comfort and success of this world.

Jesus said in Luke 6 – Blessed are you who are poor, who hunger now, who weep now, when men hate and exclude you because of Him.

So right now in this life, being rich, fed, satisfied, laughing, loved, and accepted – it’s not everything!

Why? Because having all of those things is not what life is about. Our lives in Christ means that He is our Everything.


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